Sports Massage to Ease Tension & Promote Recovery

£30 Per 30 Minute Treatment
£40 Per 45 Minute Treatment

Sports massage uses soft tissue manipulation techniques to work on the fascia, skin and muscles of the body.

It can be used to:

  • Decrease muscle tension

  • Improve blood flow to muscles

  • Increase range of movement and joint mobility

  • Promote recovery after injury

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Great physio clinic. Justin is a fantastic osteopath, always manages to help my spine. Variety of techniques and apparatuses used. Enough to say I still keep coming back there despite moving to Cambridge.

M. Wojciechowski

I must say that all the staff here are brilliant and so helpful. I would highly recommend them.

P. Charles

The clinic in Witham is very conveniently located for London commuters on the Greater Anglian service into London. Managed to book an appointment around my train times. Receptionist was very polite and helpful. I was assessed thoroughly and treated for lower back pain. I feel 100% better already.

P. Hack